Her touch—so sensuous. She’ll make you feel very special; find the ‘hot spots’ you didn’t even know existed. She brings discipline, passion, not hardened, but genuine, honest, driven to bring her best to every session. She’ll enjoy devouring you. And you’ll ask, pray for seconds.

The room, the space, melts away until all that you’re aware of is her presence and your own heart beat – waiting, anticipating, hoping, dreading, fearing – sensing that there is nothing else but your own body and hers’.

Her brown eyes, watching your every movement, every breath, measuring and sensing, like a lioness measures its prey, searching for reaction, anticipating your every move.

It would seem that her sleek 5 foot 10 inch frame would dominate one, but it’s really the tone of her voice—direct, strong—that provides her control.

She draws one out until your only thought is to satisfy her—give into her. And you happily will. You’ll want her to own you.

She was the skill, compassion and understanding of the human experience to reach in and touch your very soul.




After seeing Mistress Ronda’s Eros-guide ad and messaging back and forth, it was with much excitement and anticipation that I arranged my first session with her. While I would not describe myself as a “BDSM player”, neither am I a virgin when it comes to BDSM play. When seeing a pro-domme for the first time, I am always filled with nervous anticipation. As I approached Mistress Ronda’s door she opened it just before I reached the door and greeted me with a big warm smile and hug. She is a gorgeous woman…. her internet pics do not do her justice. She welcomed me inside and had me sit next to her on her couch. We had a very warm conversation about my level of experience and my interests. Her demeanor was wonderful; she made me feel very comfortable as she asked me a lot of questions to gauge my specific BDSM background, my level of experience, and what I “liked”. She often smiled in response to my answers with her eyes lighting up as I shared my past experience. She totally put me at ease. After sharing with her my passion and experience at being on the receiving end of sensual BDSM, Mistress Ronda noticed that I brought a backpack with me. I had previously described to her that I had a nice collection of BDSM “toys”. She asked that I show her my play collection. As I went through the “equipment”, including some toys that only a very experienced sub would be able to “take”, her face and eyes lit up…….. You can take this?? “Ohhh…..We are going to have a very fun time!” It was about this time that her demeanor changed. She stood up and firmly ordered me to strip. At this point she then guided me into her dungeon, which revealed an examination table with bolts for restraints, chains attached to adjacent pillars to enable suspension bondage play, a spanking bench, and other “play areas”. At this point my eyes lit up! She ordered me on my knees onto her examination bench and my training began. She positioned me firmly and comfortably, attaching ankle restraints to place me in a quite vulnerable and open position. At this point, she began to use her wonderful hands (delicate yet strong small hands with long fingers) as well as other “devices” on me. Her excitement and energy was palpable as she explored me. Probing, caressing, Mistress Ronda began to “peel away at me” to see what I could take. She was very firm and very persistent in her play; she also showed the ability to pull back when she sensed that she had pushed a little too hard. Her energy, her use of her hands as well as use of toys and use of encouragement (You can take this! You know you want this!) was wonderful. She brought me to “new places” picking my cherries; opening me up to new experiences and sensations, dancing deeply inside me, and touching my inner soul. Her aftercare was wonderful as she “rewarded” me for my total submission to her with much sweetness and tenderness that seemed very genuine. . She also took this time to describe how she would further my slut training in future sessions. Her plans for me are wonderful and I so look forward to her future training – She is very broadly experienced (see the list on her website!) and she brings remarkable genuine passion to what she does. She will undoubtedly open me up further to new experiences in future sessions. I have been with many pro-dommes in my life ; I moved up here from San Francisco, an epicenter of BDSM, but to be honest, my time spent with Mistress Ronda was the most erotic and memorable session of my life. To anyone who has the good fortune of sessioning with her, I urge you to totally submit to her. You will be richly rewarded with an unforgettable experience.

Sub Mark




I’ve been seeing Pro-Dommes all my life and I’ve never felt anything close to what I experienced with you. You are smart, warm, beautiful, open, loving, strict and patient. I feel safe with you and you make me want to offer myself in total submission. You listened to me and I felt totally owned and understood. You are one in a million.

Slave L


Mistress Ronda is far and above most Mistresses. She makes you feel you are in great hands. She is a woman in every sense of the word. She will treat you like you dream of being treated. Everything is done to perfection and with class. She is a very special person and an outstanding Domina. The hardest thing is staying away for any length of time. If she offered you your money back if you were unhappy, she would never return a penny. She is as loyal and kind as she is beautiful. I have met Dominas all over the country and the search is over.




It is with the greatest pleasure that I submit this brief description of my visit with Mistress Ronda.


I will dispense with descriptions of Mistress Ronda’s dungeon. The web site does not exaggerate the capabilities and atmosphere of the facility. You could schedule 50 visits and not exhaust the possibilities of the place. 


As for the woman herself, it is true that her pictures do not do her justice. Prepare to be confronted by a beautiful woman with keen intelligence, insight and compassion that only partially hides something sterner beneath. You most likely will have to look up to meet her eyes, and it will be impossible for you to resist doing so. She made me shiver.


I will also not spoil it for you by describing the play session I had. I’m sure that a similar session could be had from any number of dominants. No, the thing that impressed me was how totally immersed Mistress Ronda was in our play. Her eyes probed me with a fierce intensity and I could feel the exchange of energy between us. She clearly *craved* this and was getting enjoyment from the give-and-take of our play.  I was in a daze for hours afterwards, unable to concentrate or focus on complicated tasks. If at all possible, I recommend that you arrange a way not to have to drive home. 


Having experienced Mistress Ronda my greatest fear is that I will spend the rest of my life trying in vain to find someone who even comes close to matching her. Schedule your session at your own peril.







Wow!!! You promised I’d have the time of my life and I have to say – I certainly did. Simply put, you are incredible and I was totally under your spell from the moment you opened the door! Gorgeous, incredibly sexy, strong, dominant – you totally owned me.


I actually think I’m still in the zone!


Can’t wait till the next time.


Your humble, totally rocked out, adoring possession,






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Thank you all. Your warmth and emotional generosity touches my heart.




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  1. For the ‘Review’ Section: Ronda really is the best. She is: attractive, educated, fit, poised, communicative, intelligent, perceptive, positive, sensitive, energetic, etc. She makes a very sincere effort to understand and meet the client’s needs. Very few women of her caliber do this type of work. She is one of a kind. N.

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