If this is your first time scheduling a session with a Professional Domme, you’re probably excited and scared. It takes a lot of courage to take the step you’re taking. If I were in your shoes I would be beside myself with fear. Most men dream about fulfilling this basic need for years before they get to the point where their fears are outweighed by what often becomes a desperate need to serve a Mistress. The purpose of this page is to provide information that I think might answer some of your questions and subsequently allay some of your fears.

After addressing the most common questions and concerns, I’ll provide some first-session tips.


Q.)   What if someone finds out I went to a Mistress and I lose my wife/job/friends?

A.)    I go to great lengths to protect every client. I do not require online deposits, I do not keep personal identifying records, you do not have to meet me in public, and I will not call or email you unless you give me express permission.


Q.) Where is the dungeon? What’s it like? Is it in a horrible section of town where I don’t want to be seen?

A.) The dungeon is in the basement of a private home, located in an upscale, safe neighborhood. You won’t trip on any prostitutes or drug addicts on your way from your car to my door.


Q.) What if I get to the dungeon and Mistress Ronda isn’t anything like what she appears to be online and I’m stuck with a horrible, scary, abusive freak?

A.)All of the pictures on this website are recent pictures of me and the content is all mine. This website gives an accurate impression of me.


Q.) I’m a successful business owner and I’m always in control. What if, in-spite of my desires, I am unable to submit?

A.) Most of my clients are successful, powerful men. The more pressure you are under in your daily life, the more likely it is that you will be able to surrender yourself to me.


Q.) What if Mistress Ronda unleashes on me and hurts me and I’m tied to a table and can’t get away?

A.) When you arrive at the dungeon we’ll sit together for a brief negotiation. During this time we’ll talk about our limits, desires, goals and expectations. If you feel we are incompatible for any reason you are free to go and I won’t charge you for my time. I reserve the right to make the same determination. If I feel we are fundamentally incompatible in our play styles, I will let you know so that you don’t waste your time and money.We will discuss your limits during our negotiation and I won’t violate your wishes. You’ll also be given safewords to use during session so that you can stop play at any time, if you choose to. I always honor safewords.



For your first session:

Give yourself extra time so that if you get lost you don’t wind up panicking over being late. I ask that you be precisely on-time so if you arrive a few minutes early, you’ll need to sit in your car and wait for me. If you’re using a cab, have my phone number handy so that if you arrive early you can call and I can let you in. I don’t want you to have to sit in a cab, waiting.

Plan on your first session running up to ten minutes over the hour. This allows time for our initial negotiation.

Be clean and presentable. I am happy to provide mouthwash if you are nervous about your breath and I have a shower you are welcome to use if you need to freshen up before or after we play.

Try to remember that you can hand over all control when you walk through my door. You don’t have to think about anything or worry about anything. I will guide you through your time with me so that you can relax and let go. This will be an amazing, exhilarating experience that you’ll never forget.

One Minor Caution:

When you get to the dungeon, beware of the nest of killer bees under the garage gutters. Also, I have an attack Golden Retriever who may assault you, so keep an eye out for her. There is a small pond in the yard, filled with alligators. Please don’t try and swim in the pond—the alligators eat penis.

But really, you have nothing to fear.





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